About me

 band bio

- Born in a small town in Germany, located at the Danube
- Aged ten, I started playing the guitar 
- Watching Jimi Hendrix performing "Hey Joe" was a breathtaking experience and got me interested in the blues
- Pretty much blues-based I joined my first band at 14
- But about 20 years of being guitar player for differnt coverbands were to follow - not always a bed of roses!
- Aged 40, I quit and influenced by one of my buddies I got back into the blues again. My first heroes were the English guys like Eric Clapton,
  Gary Moore. Now I was more into that puristic stuff like Robert Johnson, Howling Wolf or Muddy Waters.
- In 2002 I recorded my first album entitled "Miller", followed by "Rock the blues" (2009) and "Cross the line" (2011)
- In 2013 I moved to Los Angeles and collaborating or jamming with these American guys opened up a new world for me.
- I recorded "Park City Blues" the same year, followed by "Spoonful of Blues" in 2014.
- Now in 2018 I recently finished my latest album entitled "Livin`in the valley", strongly influenced by LA and the San Fernando Valley.